Thursday, July 22, 2010

I am BACK. Sort of.

Dyatlovo, Belarus 2010

Hello.... Hello??? Anyone there???? Today I was wondering if I should even get back to this. I promised you all 1 month an am back 2 months later. Forgive me, please??? You see... I left to Belarus for our mission trip with Zhenya for three weeks... having another awesome opportunity to serve my God.... and then unexpectedly we sold our camera there. Belarus was so much fun. As much as I contemplated for 1/2 a year on leaving Leah here withous us for 3 weeks I do not regret going. Tent camp was hard and completely different from the other times I had gone to Belarus but the kids loved it and heard about God and His love for them, which is all that mattered. Among being involved in all the other activities in the camp, my responsibility was craft time with the kids. The kids and I both enjoyed it.

It was so awful to leave after the first camp. Zhenya and others tried to convince me to stay, but I felt that it was time to go back to Leah.... This was the last picture we took before all the kids left home. I miss them all very much.

Now back to the camera......My baby (the camera, lol....) was gone and I had nothing to return home with. No pictures (that I took) or camera. I am glad my "photo-obsessed" friend Vik was in our camp, otherwise we would have no pictures. So... at the same time this was a goo time to sell our camera as Zhenya and I both really wanted a newer one.... oh and the fact that I lived at my parents' house for a month after comming back from Bealrus (since Zhenya didn't come back until a week ago) and I really didn't cook much. Just a time here and there. Or maybe just 3 times... lol. My mom was ready to kick me out.... :) but we survived. All in all, I am back and not with new pictures or anything but to say Hello and see if anyone is out there. Also, on a very exciting note we bought a new camera which arrived in the mail yesterday.
Get ready for this...... Canon T2I.
Yep. Soooooooo exciting. So.... I hope to take pics very soon and post something yummy and scrumpcious for you. While I was at my mom's I did make PW's Summer Stir Fry and oh boy was it light and summery and delicous. Make it.


  1. I'm glad you're back, Alla! I've been waiting for new recipes from your for TWO months now! But that's OK, since it was for a good cause! :)

    I really do enjoy your blog and always look forward to new delicious recipes!

    Welcome back! :)

  2. Thanks Pablo and Rita!!!! Cant wait to start blogging again :)

  3. i was wondering when you will be back. looking forward to more great recipes!

    thanks for sharing your belarus experience. I wouldn’t mind hearing more.

  4. ALLA! start blogging again, or else i'm gonna do something nuts (you don't want this). AND - mention Dyatlovo is your blogs, OR else.