Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The World Blogs

I am so excited. Excited because I see more people starting to blog. Why does this make me excited??? Oh, I don't know. It is not like I have too much time on my hands to sit here and read all these blogs besides that ones I already do read... no.... but I do. It is nice to read how people are living and what they are thinking. It is a bittersweet feeling. Pavel from our church just recently told me he started a blog and although he only has one post, not really even a post, I am still excited. Yesterday I was browsing on Facebook, more like "stalking" as someone described to realize that Tanya, a girl whom I know a little who lived in Italy for a little bit also blogs. Cool! Now today, another friend, Stephanie, a mom of 3 little ones, who recently created a blog called "Dead and Domestic" scary but funny blogged about food and my blog. I was thrilled. Not so much that she blogged about "me" or "my blog" but about food and how it brings people together. She also included this verse from the Bible which made me happy.

So, to all of those who read and blog....happy reading and happy blogging. Most of all HAPPY EATING and HAPPY FEEDING!!!

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  1. I love the "Happy Eating and Happy feeding"! SO cute :)