Thursday, March 4, 2010

My Camera Broke!!!!

Ugh guys!!!! My camera broke and I haven't posted anything for you in so long... and I have sooo much I could have posted. Today is my wonderful man's birthday and I made The Pioneer Woman's lasagna and spinach salad. Ina Garten's Roasted Lemon Chicken and Smashed Potatoes. I also made Carrot Salad from AZ Cookbook. My awesome friend Katya came over yesterday and taught me how to make sushi. Thanks Katya! Today for breakfast I made Upside-down Blueberry Cobblers, yeah, yummy but the presentation wasn't super great. Oohhh... yeah and for DESSERT, YUM, today I made my Tiramisu Cheesecake and yesterday Ina Garten's Creme Brulee! Anyways, I hope to post something for you soon, real soon. In the meantime you are always WELCOME to send a new camera my way! :) I will be patiently waiting. Oh, and I really like this one, just in case you are gonna send one! :)
Nikon D2X


  1. you seem to have a knack for breaking cameras :) by the way, what kind of kitchen torch do you have (for the creme brulee?)

  2. Lol. i Know. I don't have a torch... I keep meaning to buy one or either forget or... IDK. I just stick them in under the broiler for a few minutes. Do you have a torch?

  3. no, i don't, but i found a few recommendations in fine cooking magazine, with the one they preferred costing $35. not too bad... i keep going back and forth on buying one. but i have a recipe for a cake covered in torched meringue that i really want to try, so i might just give in and get one.