Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Ok.. Happy Belated Valentine's Day! To those of you who celebrated. I kind of got used to NOT celebrating it since my husband wasn't really into it. So, this year I bought him a card... and I was going to make chocolate covered strawberries but the sign at the store read that due to bad weather they don't have any strawberries. So, that was that. I wasn't expecting anything nor had I planned anything. Well... to my surprise my AMAZING husband did have a plan. This was odd as he doesn't celebrate VDay either. Anyways, it was Sunday so I did the usual and went to church with baby Leah. Zhenya, my husband, on the other hand told me he had a sore throat (which he did have) and stayed home. During church I received a text message that a "surprise is waiting for me at home". (I know what you are thinking, NO text messaging during church, but yeah.) So... of course the rest of the sermon I didn't get much because I kept thinking of what he would surprise me with. Perfume? flowers? Strawberries? Chocolate? Gift Card? IDK. Well... nope! When I came home, I walked into the living room where he had pulled out my china and used napkin holders. He made lunch for us. This wasn't any sandwiches or anything but marinated steak pieces with potatoes and fresh salad. He also invited over my parents for lunch. I was shocked, even though that was one of the things that went through my head when guessing, I was still shocked. I always give him a hard time because he says he knows how to cook but never does it. Well... did he prove me wrong. He not only cooked but he planned, shopped, set up and served. I know... now you are officially jelous. :) Anyways just wanted to share my excitement.

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