Saturday, February 6, 2010

So... I have been reading through A WHOLE TON of baking blogs. I have two.... or three.. that I particularly like and follow. Well.. today I have people coming over to work on our school project. It gives me another good reason to bake something for them.... maybe that will score some extra "Brownie Points" :) But no... I already made brownies this week so I found these SUPER CUTE little cheesecakes. They are from Bakerella and she calls them "Super Easy Mini Cherry Cheesecakes". I think I will call them "A little bit of heaven on the plate". That is only if they come out as good as they look. I also like the tin foil mini muffin cups she uses, aren't they adorable? Also, with VALENTINE'S DAY coming up these seem perfect for the occasion, so I can make them as test try now and make them again for V-Day :) . For V-Day I was also thinking that I could top each one with a chocolate covered cherry instead of the cherry pie filling? Well... anyways, As soon as I am done making them I will update with the recipe and pictures.


From: The Pioneer Woman

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